WMU Advantage

We combine personal service and dedication associated with the high standards and expertise of an institution. Following are the WMU advantages :

Independence And Open Architecture

There is a vital alignment of interest between us, as wealth managers, and you, as a client. Because we are independent we follow an open architecture. We are not tied to any particular Bank, fund or product, thereby benefitting by choosing the best opportunities from the best investment managers and best product providers.


The combined asset management experience of our investment committee is brought to bear to meet your needs in the most efficient manner. This combined experience and the knowledge has helped us design our process, which we are confident will deliver the highest value to our clients. Together we can win for sure.

Managing Risks And Reward

We do a thorough analysis of your needs, the investment environment and of the investment opportunities to create an asset allocation that offers the best potential returns for the given risk.


Our clients benefit from integrated solutions by profiting from a strong network of specialists in all financial issues.

WMU Pledge

Our goal is to protect and increase your wealth for you and for your future generations. We achieve this through impartial advice at a reasonable and fair fee combined with thorough analysis, investment acumen, experience, and superior access to various asset classes across the globe.

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