Private Wealth Management

For most of our clients we work and endeavor to provide a comprehensive asset management service which revolves around the following key functions:

Understanding our Clients and preparing a financial plan :One of the most important part of our role is understanding client needs, preferences and investment objectives. This is paramount to providing substantive investment advice. To create suitable investment solutions for our clients, our wealth manager first do a detailed need analysis. This helps us gain insight into each client’s unique circumstances such as prior investment experience and comfort with various asset classes, time horizon for the portfolio, risk appetite to withstand short-term volatility, liquidity and income requirements, portfolio return expectations etc. Based on these details, we prepare a detailed financial plan which lays the foundation for the financial planning for rest of the life. The financial plan would be reviewed once in 3 years so that the same is always concurrent, relevant and meaningful. The job also involves exploring, evaluating and recommending financial and strategic alternatives, advising on transaction structuring, timing, pricing, financing, negotiating and executing the transactions.

Strategic Asset allocation: Asset allocation and portfolio re-balancing are keys to the success of any financial plan. We focus on defining and implementing both strategic and tactical decisions.

Tactical Asset allocation: It is part of our strategy to take best advantage of market movements and have a strategy specifically around tactical allocation. This will ensure that we take advantage of extremely short-term market volatilities.

Investment selection: Analysis, selection and ongoing monitoring of actively managed funds, index trackers and individual securities in each asset class and across geographies.

Risk management: Our teams continuously monitor market and operational risk both within individual portfolios and across our selection of managers.

Reporting: We give you a single, clear, integrated picture of your wealth rather than a series of scattered snapshots.

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