Family Office

Our family office service has been specially designed, keeping in mind families that have large corpuses, diverse ownership and asset structures. To these families, we provide comprehensive wealth management advice which goes beyond traditional asset management. We greatly value the trust of the family relationships for whom we provide a broad range of family office services and invest on their behalf across various financial markets.

A concern shared by a majority of our clients is that they desire genuinely unbiased advice with a holistic approach, enabling them to govern their complex financial, legal and personal affairs in a coordinated manner. Need for family governance – values, structures, processes, Assets that endure for more than two generations and complex wealth management needs/structures

Drawing on our experience as a multi-client Family Office, we support our clients in achieving all of the above mentioned objectives. We help in the consistent planning and implementation of a family governance system. Together, we define values, structures and processes that are conducive to achieving a shared objective in a transparent and efficient manner.

To ensure that we can meet our clients’ demanding requirements, we unite the core competences of classic asset management – including risk management, financial planning and tax optimization – with a network of eminent experts to cover various financial issues.

Our core service also encompasses following services :

  1. Designing the structure of family investments
  2. Implementing the structures and executing the investments
  3. Strategizing the investments by determining strategic and tactical asset allocations.
  4. Exploring, evaluating and recommending financial and strategic alternatives by the existing service providers
  5. Monitoring the advisors and all the investments in a consolidated manner with periodic reporting
  6. Assisting in all accounting and record keeping activities. Maintaining capital accounts and liaisoning with auditors. In addition, we work with outside firms at our clients direction
  7. Assisting in tax determination through our panel of tax experts
  8. Providing comprehensive insurance solutions
  9. Succession Planning and implementation
  10. Life style services
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